Monday, 24 November 2008

Internet un-savvy hotels

Was in Munich last week for a company meeting. We asked for 4 non-smokin rooms with internet access at the InterCity Hotel Munich. When we checked in, they told us that there were only 3 non-smoking rooms with internet access and 1 smoking room with internet access (I'm talking about wireless internet access here). All of us wanted to have non-smoking rooms so one of us had to do without internet even though we had specifically asked for rooms with internet access when we booked them over a month in advance. First of all, how hard can it be for a hotel to have all rooms covered by wireless internet access? Anyway, since I had been asked to present some extra work the next morning for which I'd need to have access to the computers in Edinburgh, I got one of the "connected" rooms. To my dismay, I found that I could not connect to the internet at night. I called my colleague up and he informed me that he had no access either. It seemed that internet was down all night. I could not get any work done which was a shame.

In this day and age, how difficult is it for a hotel to cover all rooms with wireless internet? I give this hotel a thumbs down. I don't care for luxury as long as I have access to the net! Oh and the colleague who was given the room without access - turns out he did have access.

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