Monday, 15 December 2008

An excess of mattresses

When I was studying in Germany, the person who occupied my dorm room before me had somehow found an extra mattress (I know this because they were the same mattresses provided in the rooms) and had stored it downstairs in the cellar room corresponding to my room (yes, we were very privileged to each have a room and a little storage cellar). When I moved to another room, so did the extra mattress. I never used it but I knew that if I ever had a guest come over, I could always rely on this extra mattress.
Once the undergrad years came to an end (pity, because they were probably the happiest 3 years of my life), I had too many things in my possession to move with the mattress. So I had to let it go. The house I moved into was very old and the bed in my room seemed to be even older than that. As soon as I told this to my host parents, they generously gave me a new bed as a birthday gift. Of course, with the bed (which was a double), they also gave me two single mattresses. So again, I had a huge extra (albeit lumpy) mattress. I sometimes had trouble sleeping on the two mattresses because I'd end up sleeping uncomfortably in the middle. To my joy, a graduate student had a double mattress for sale which I promptly bought. So now, I had three extra mattresses! This time, I did use them because over the course of the years I was at FH78, I received a lot of guests. Sadly, though, I had to part company with my mattresses because I had to move to Edinburgh.
When I moved to Edinburgh, there was already an extra mattress in the storage room. I sort of expected this. Somehow, mattress were either following me or I was always moving into places with extra mattresses. Julia got accepted into the master's program at Edinburgh. I only had a tiny single bed in my room. We had to get a new bed. So once again, the number of extra mattresses increased. What's more - these extra mattresses have been put to really good use this time since the number of guests has increased exponentially.
All of this leads me to two important conclusions:
1. I may or may not get this Ph.D. and I may or may not earn a lot of money but I will always have an excess of mattresses in my life.
2. With every move in my life, I have been receiving a higher number of guests coming over to visit me. Therefore, since it is a given that I will have extra mattresses in my life and since the trend has it that I will have more guests visiting me in the future, I will certainly be living in a huge mansion-like place in the future just to accommodate all those guests and of course to store the mattresses. THE FUTURE LOOKS BRIGHT INDEED!

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