Thursday, 13 November 2008

First post

I'm shifting everything from to here. Too much trouble trying to maintain a free domain name and web hosting service.

So here it comes - the first post to my blog. But it's not really a blog. I don't mean to dutifully maintain a log of everything that happens to me. I just needed a website where I could make relevant information about myself available to any interested parties and at the same time jot down anything that I deem to be noteworthy. So my first attempt was this, which clearly is horrible and shows how lazy I am. Then, some months later, a colleague of mine began to talk about how she wanted to start a blog for our group. That's when it struck me that a blog was the perfect solution to my dilemma! A quick search online took me here and lo behold - I never knew there was so much open source software out there! I was unwilling to start a blog at Blogger because it is literally too lazy a way out. This way, I'd have a domain of my own, some webspace to play around with and who knows - I'd even learn a thing or two!

Now, if there's one thing people know about me, it's that I do not like to spend money needlessly. Getting a domain name costs money. Getting web space costs even more money. If I could find a free blogging software, surely there must be some services out there offering free webspace and a decent domain name. Yes, I found them. Profusehost offers free web space accounts of size 10 GB and a monthly bandwidth allowance of 100 GB - more than enough for any self-respecting blogger! Perfect. The only catch - you have to display ads on your site - which is not a problem if you are smart enough to use Firefox with Ad block Plus. provides free "" domains. Fantastic! And finally, after around 2 weeks of installing and testing nearly all the blogs listed in the Wikipedia article, I decided to go with Serendipity because I really liked the depth of the installation instructions, the active forums and the easily available plug-ins (Spartacus is really very good).

And that's how this blog came about. I have learnt a bit as well. For example, I installed this blog in the folder "blog" but I did not want folks to type in "" every time they visited this site. A simple search revealed that adding a line to the .htaccess file makes it possible to redirect users accessing "" to "". I just had to add this:

RedirectMatch permanent ^/$

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